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        Contact US
        Haihua Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
        Add:Xingyuan Rd,Hailing industrial park,
        Tel:86-523-8629 9000
        Fax:86-523-8629 9000
        Home >> About Us >> About Us    About Us
        Haihua Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd,integration of casting and machining,is specialized in manufacturing compressor parts and auto parts.
        We established in 2003,now earn three factories,total capital 250,000,000 RMB with an area of 27,000 square meters and 400 staff.
        Output in 2014 is 350,000,000 RMB.
        Haihua is located in Jiangsu Province,three hours' drive from Shanghai,convenient in transportation and abundant in resources.
        We adhere to the principle of customer orientation,technology innovation and continuous quality optimization.Throughout the past decades,we have been creating value for our long term customers,such as Embraco,LG,Samsung,Metaldyne,BMW ,Ford,GM and Sinotruck,to make us eventually the benchmark in this industry.


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